Local 617 San Mateo, Thursday, November 15, 2018
   Local 617 has their own web site with their own jobcalls.
   Please click below to get them daily.
Local 6 San Francisco, Thursday, November 15, 2018 
   1 JW L/C Sierra Electric 7am unit rough in work 1395 22nd, St.
   6 JW's S/C Edlind Electric Fri Nov 16th, 8am 1 DAY CALL
                       Moscone West Hall
   16 JW's S/C Freeman Electrical Services Fri Nov 16th, 8am 1 to 2 day
                       Moscone South Hall
   1 JW S/C William Bradley Electric 7am STATE CERT ONLY
                    post incident drug test 845 Market St.
   1 JW L/C ?? Weber Electric 7am rpt to shop 895 Inness Ave.
   2 JW's L/C Mc. Clure Electric 7am 345 Bush St.
   3 JW's S/C HA Bowen Electric 6am 2/hr OT 1101 Connecticut St.
Local 595 Dublin, Thursday, November 15, 2018
   6 JW's L/C Design Electric in Oakland, Oakland resident Req.
                        rebar work 3 weeks

   2 JW's S/C Welldone Electric residential work
   Short Calls Start At # 1 Book # 1
Local 302 Martinez, Thursday, November 15, 2018
The following information is informational and should be verified by calling the Job Hotline at (925) 228-2302 between the hours of 5:30 PM and 7:00 AM prior to 8:00 AM dispatch.  See Dispatch for information on Local 302's Sign In and Referral Procedure.
Click on this link to get to Local 302 job calls
Sorry Brothers and Sisters for any misspelling or incorrect info, I am trying to list info that is coming off of a pre-recorded tape.  I have contacted several locals and asked them to fax me their job calls to make it easier but have not had the support I hoped
for yet.
               Thanks Richard        
Local 180 Vallejo, Thursday, November 15, 2018   
   There are no jobcalls for Thursday November 15th, 2018
                Local Calls Going Unfilled Daily
Local 969 Grand Junction, Thursday, November 15, 2018  
  1 JW Long Call Ridge Electric Grand Junction 4/10's asap
  2 JL's Long Call Par Electric Colorado Mountain 6/10's $75 day sub
                                mountain work climbing and travel 1st Aid CPR Med Certs
   Call the hall for all the details for these calls 970-242-3432
                                                 None At This Time
   Do to new job, jobcalls will be now pushed back to around 6pm                                    PST again sorry brothers and sisters. 
                                     For now, temporarily